kristen (sparkly_queen) wrote in rollins_09,

other colleges have communities so why not us?

hey! i started a rollins community because i will be there in the fall, and i don't really know anyone yet. since this is a chance for us to meet each other (granted, internet style) perhaps everyone joining could write a little intro post (name, where you're from, why you want to go to rollins, expected major, AIM if you want to share, and an interesting tidbit about yourself)
so i guess i'm first-

daytona beach florida...yup, going a whole hour away ;)
i didn't want to go to rollins until i visited and met the teachers (+ scholarships are nice)
i think i'm going to major in sociology or theatre
AIM: photoboothluv
tidbit: my favorite book is the bell jar by sylvia plath.

join, friends! see you in the fall :)
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