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Welcome, New Rollins People!

Hi there, class of '09! Its so great to see you guys are getting excited about coming to Rollins. Enjoy your summer, pack up those rooms, make the most of every second with your friends at is about to change, big time, and hopefully for the better.

So I suppose I should to the traditional intro-thingy. I'm Kelly Welch, and yes I am a happy attendee of Rollins, going to be a Junior as of the fall. (Time FLIES in college, folks. I feel like I was in your shoes a heartbeat ago.) I LOVE college life (although I'm not exactly the traditional partier) and this campus has become very much of a home, and the people very much a second family to me. I'm originally from Staten Island, NY, but I'm staying with friends in Winter Park this summer till July 7th, and will be back early to help out with orientation and hopefully meet some of you guys before stuff gets crazy and hectic and academic.

I've lived on campus 2 years now, McKean 4th floor my freshman year and Ward Hall last year. This year I'll be in a Holt double. I have sort of a first-roommate horror story, if anyone wants to hear, but everything worked itself out. If you guys have any questions about living the dorms, just ask. On-campus living, for all its quirks some downsides, is completely worth it.

I'm a Sociology/Music major, in the Honors Degree program, and I usually take about 23-24 credit hours a semester, so I guess you can say I'm a wee bit of an celebrant intellectual (either that or a geeky masochist...heh). Both departments are awesome, and I urge you guys to check out the new music building once all the renovations are done. If you guys have any questions about classes or professors, I'll be happy to share what I know.

School Organization-wise, I'm not really involved with greek life, but I can help get you guys connected to folks who do know more about that scene. My second roommate is an AOPi, and my friend Caroline is founding a chapter of SAI, a Female Music Sorority, on campus this semester. I'm on leadership team for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Treasurer for Rollins Role-Playing and Gaming Society, and a member of Musicians of Rollins, Quills Poetry Club, and Rollins Film Club. My advice: Get involved with LOTS of stuff first semester, give anything you're remotely interested in a chance, then decide what you really wanna stick with after October/November.

I work part-time at Powerhouse Cafe on Lyman Ave. (just off of Park Avenue), which is a fabulous little place to grab a bite or get a smoothie. Also doing a summer research internship with Professor Balak from the conomics department, using computer games to create an economics cirriculum.

If you wanna chat, my AIM/Y!M is MagicNMe4E. Or shoot me an email at
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